Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whitney Meyers on the Exhibition at Disney

Monday morning I was awoken by a phone call from my mom, who was energetically shouting “five more days till Disney!!! Are you excited?”

Well mom, excitement couldn’t even begin to describe my feelings about the upcoming game. Anyone close to me knows that it has been my dream, literally, since I was eight years old to play at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. It started back when I was playing 10U travel softball and the winner of a tournament my team was at would get to go to the World Series held at World Wide of Sports. Our team sadly didn’t win though, and I was devastated. I told myself on that day that no matter what sport it is, I will someday play a game at Disney’s sports complex.

And sure enough that day is here! When Coach Moore first told us about the game I honestly acted like a little child on Christmas morning. It was a dream come true and I was finally going to play where I’ve always wanted to. Now that the dream is even closer, just days away, I can hardly contain my excitement.

In addition to being excited about the venue, I am also thrilled to experience my childhood dream with my teammates. I couldn’t have chosen a better group of girls to play lacrosse with. I am so eager to see what Stetson Lacrosse will bring to the field on Saturday. Being a new and young team we have always tried to focus on growth more so than winning. However, after a long and successful fall season, I am quite confident that Stetson Lacrosse can achieve both growth and a win at Disney. I began to feel this way just the other evening at practice while we were scrimmaging. As I watched my teammates from the goal on the opposite end of the field, I couldn’t help but get excited. It was amazing to see how well our team was working together and how far we had come in just four months. Everything was finally coming together and I couldn’t wait to see the team’s talent in a real game.

As the countdown to what I feel like should be the most exciting game of life shortens, I increasingly get more excited. The pre-game nerves, which I have been expecting to get, are nowhere to be found. In fact, I feel very confident in my skills, as well as my teammates and coaches. Also, I am just so grateful for this opportunity that I want to enjoy every second of it, and not cloud my memories with nerves or pressure. I want to have a blast this weekend at the place I’ve been waiting to play at for 10 years, and I know with my Stetson Lacrosse family I will!

Whitney Meyers
Freshman - Goalkeeper
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

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